Technodatabase 98 is the first CD-ROM creation exclusively regarding the Techno movement. We are targeting to produce one new Technodatabase disk a year to keep you up to date on everything Techno has to offer.

In TDB98 you'll find : Web sites (8 complete techno sites), hyperguides (Technovision) as well as, more than 200 music modules, graphic & music tools, art painting creations, images, demos and animations.

There are 2 different ways of using TDB98. The ludic & self explanatory way (Technovision, web sites) and the creative way : TDB98 gives the «e-magination» a chance by offering music creation tools (including exemples) which make Do It Yourself compositions possible. (Electronic Music has been privileged in TDB98).

HTML has been chosen with respect for Platforms pluralism (No Microsoft domination) since all the operating systems understand the HTML.

Long nights of techno experiments, listening and informations would be in perspective for those of you who want to juggle your imagination in the electronic mood (but we would appreciate to meet you on a dancefloor from time to time ;-)

TDB98 sales price is US$ 29 (25 euros), delivery included, if directly ordered from NONAME.

Inside this disk you'll find a special coupon offering a 50% discount price if you recommend TDB to your friends (US$ 16/13 euros).

31160 ARBAS (France).

E.Mail : contact@noname.fr

Feel free to send any techno creations/contributions/references
for the TDB99 issue (chridez@club-internet.fr).

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