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First official SEO contest seems to be organized in the USA in 2004 under the name of SERP, abbreviation of Search Engine Results Page or page of results of a search engine. The objective was thus to rank at the top of results on with keyword "SERP". Before that, some webmasters launched out challenges on SEO forums.

In March 2004 was organized by Promoweb agency first French-speaking contest, mangeur de cigogne (eater of stork). Since, many competitions, more or less official, were organized a little everywhere in the world. In general, Google search engine was used.

Here some examples: nigritude ultramarine, telendro (Spain), oupouaout, ornithorynque polyglotte, seraphim proudleduck (England), lumitra (, seomaker (Spain), loquine glupe (, chocoku (meta search engines), gagne c90, sorcier glouton (MSN France), v7ndotcom elursrebmem ( or msnbetter thangoogle (Poland).

NONAME and SEO contests

Web sites optimization, new techniques tests on various search engines, contacts and exchanges with webmasters from any origines, lessons and benefit drawn from this type of competitions are numerous. Here a presentation of the contests in which NONAME took part, in its proper name or partnership with friend.

mangeur de cigogne (eater of stork)

March 2004, Promo-Web launches a contest of web ranking on keywords mangeur de cigogne. Contest, opened with all, consists in taking the first place on the search engine Google which decided between the participants on June 15, 2004. NONAME finished second in this competition in front of more than 270 participants and more than 700 000 results.

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seraphim proudleduck

August 2004, a new contest of SEO is organized in the United Kingdom by a web agency, based this time on keywords seraphim proudleduck. 7 Dragons, which finished third mangeur de cigogne, took share with the contest seraphim proudleduck in partnership with NONAME. The contest finished in January 2005 with one 13th place on 459 000 results for 7 Dragons..

sorcier glouton

March 2005, a new SEO contest is organized by same agency based on sorcier glouton keywords (greedy wizard in french). The goal of the contest, who's open to everyone, is to take the first place on MSN Search who will decide between the participants June 15, 2005. Entry to the sorcier glouton competition was opened to everybody, worldwide. Rather disappointing contest considering the slowness of MSN crawling. NONAME finished 11th with the championship (250 participants).

gagne c90

Google contest based on gagne c90 keywords. This competition was the occasion to introduce a new single MP3 player. Gagne c90 contest finished on June 30, 2005. 7 Dragons whose NONAME was partner finished first of the competition.

msnbetter thangoogle

Polish Google contest ( based on msnbetter thangoogle keywords. NONAME organized a ranking action in favour of Xavfun (which won Ornithorynque Polyglotte contest), a little tardily, since it finished only at 77th place. Difficult to place itself among the million results mainly on .pl TLD.

Xavfun web site:


Surely the most unslung SEO contest... Not really of date of beginning (at the end of 2004?) nor of end, multi search enginee, no official organization, it is pure underground competition. It is under its indentity
l'Ours that the Webmaster of NONAME takes part in this contest: only one page, hosted by Free and not linked from the home, no link towards the other participants, surely we are proud as a peacock!

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v7ndotcom elursrebmem

Since January 2006, a new SEO contest is being organized in the U.S.A. The goal for the contestants is to take the first place in Google's results for the keywords: v7ndotcom elursrebmem. Google result pages has indicated the winner on May 15, 2006. The competition was opened to everybody, worldwide. In order to put all the chances on their side, the French-speaking webmasters gathered around Taggle Team whose device was simple and radical: winner we will be. NONAME sites was ranked 17 and 19th in this competition.

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