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We met both love and computer science in 1970, photography in 1974, painting in 1977 and with the arrival of the first graphics microcomputers we were able in 1984 to explore a completely new universe.

Computer science has led our pictural research towards motion and interactivity. Working with the light flooding out of the screen is fascinating and takes us into news spaces where the computer, that has become a partner, offers with its ability or faults unendless paths to our imagination. Virtual picture lets us live in a limitless and fragile world, where emotion is continuous.

"Infopeintures" is the name we give to ours creations where traditionals media (canvas, paper....) and screens driven by computer interpenetrate. The computerized motions bring then life to some parts of the painting. The computer enables us to blow up the limits of ours creations and to meet with the audience in virtual sceneries of the spaces.

At the moment we are working on an interactive presentation of "infopeinture" and computer assisted scenography that would implement news media: holograms, flat screens, virtual reality, Network, ....

"Infopeinture": a new poetry for ours screens that are too often lightened in grey.


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